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This control is based on the input that is received from the operator as well as from the sensors at every floor. The ladder logic programming is used to simulate the proposed system. Plc based elevator control page 5 introduction the aim of our project to control the elevatorwith the help of plc. More advancements can be made towards implementing facilities and increasing the safety of the elevator. There are still plenty of shortcomings in existing construction elevator,such as low automation,high cost and no communication equipment between the driver and users. The design of elevator control system based on plc and. Introduction to programmable logic controllers plcs. The system is programmed to drive a dc motor for forward and backward. Elevator control system using 8085 microprocessor by. Pdf development of lift control system algorithm and pm.

The direction of the elevator is controlled by the magnetic switch s0. Lifts play an important role in human transportation in multistorage buildings, which experience continuous improvements to their architecture and structure. Green elevator water powered plc controlled elevation system. Plc controlled elevator system ieee conference publication. This system acts as humanmachine communication system. More advancements can be made towards implementing facilities and increasing the. Certificate of approval netaji subhash engineering college this is to certify that the project entitled plc based elevator controller submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor of technology in electrical engineering under wbut is faithful record of the bona fide project work, carried out by. The elevator plc system is designed for existing schindler and westinghouse relaycontrolled hydraulic and traction elevators. A simulation study of elevator control of a building using. As a result, a plc based process control system is widely used in industry.

This control system is described with the use of so. Design of five storey elevator control system based on. Plcs operate in realtime which means that an event taking place in the field will result in an operation or output taking place. In this system they used plc foe controlling the elevator and used some. Design and practice of an elevator control system based on plc. Advantages of a plc control system communications capability. Darshil3 developed plc based elevator system for colour sensing capabilities for material handling in industrial plant. The control system adopts plc as controller, and uses.

Controller plc is used due to its advantages, such as fast response, quick and simple troubleshoot, low cost and high reliability. Design of control system of construction elevator based on plc. The elevator control system is programmed in a ladder diagram format into the plc. Implementation of a fourfloor programmable logic controlled. The elevator cabins upside and downside movement is controlled the switch operated motor. The ss5plc control is capable of handling single and. The important part of the system is the controller the type of controller used here is plc. The design of the elevator system will be based onthe calculation of certain parameters which defines the operation of anelevator. Development of a four story elevator system for teaching. The programmable logic controller is the combination of the computer technology and conventional relay control technology.

The mainly focusing in this paper is to replace the relay logic elevator control system with the modern plc based elevator control system through xc1. Sharma development of a plc based elevator system with colour. Lecture introduction to plc s mme 486 fall 2006 11 of 47 advantages of a plc control system faster response time. This paper introduces the basic structure of elevator control system design and the simulation of the design using indraworksengineering which is a boschrexroth group plc simulation software. In this type of control there is provision to monitor the entire system by means of scada supervisory control and data acquisition system. Ladder logic ladder diagrams ladder diagrams are specialized schematics commonly used to document industrial control logic systems. Basic plc program for control of a threephase ac motor.

Implementation of elevator control system based on plc. The system is programmed to drive a dc motor for forward and. Index terms automation, energy saving, elevator, ladder logic and programmable logic controller plc. The schumacher elevator ss5plc hydraulic elevator control system is specifically designed to meet the demands of the hydraulic elevator industry. Elevator control by plc scientech 2422 enables students and practicing engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of programmable logic controllers. Elevator is an important shifting carry medium in multistorage building, with the evolution of higher standard architecture technology, buildings are constructing in height. While the lighting control system previously discussed is useful to explain. Request pdf plc controlled elevator system this paper presents the control of elevator system using siemens logo plc. The safety circuits are controlled by both the cpu and relay structure for maximum reliability and redundancy in all modes of operation. By implementing plcbased smart elevator projects we can reduce the human efforts, accidents caused due to breakage of rope, efficiency and speed of elevator can also be improved. In this we mainly focus with plc ladder logic, thus this paper describes the application of plc for elevator control system.

Design of a plc based elevator control system research trend. Plc controlled elevator system using xc1 plc through ladder programming g. Plc controlled elevator system using xc1 plc through. Design of five floors elevator with scada system based on. The plc programmable logic controller system replaces existing relay switches and multiple timers with electronic components, promoting more consistent and. A trained schindler technician can install the efficient and reliable elevator plc. The elevator cabin in turn driven by the motor unit. A simulation study of elevator control of a 3storey building has been presented in this paper using digital logic circuit. This paper describes the development of 2 ninestorey elevators control system for a residential building. Elevator systems manufactures a complete line of nonproprietary elevator controllers for traction and hydraulic elevators.

Motor of the elevator is driven by the motor drive unit. Plc based elevator control page 3 vadodara institute of engineering kotambi 391510 certificate this is to certify that the pmms reports, submitted along with the project entitled plc based elevator control system has been carried out by krupal r bhoi, priyank r patel, dhaval s sukhanandi, avadhesh r. T hree groups wit h a maximum of four students per group will design and build their own four story elevator system s. Because of use of plc, elevator systems are getting. Plc in the designing of the elevator control system. Simple elevator control system inputs and outputs basic elevator components, 2012 the advent of personal computers has made microprocessor technology affordable for many other fields. To design and build a voice operated elevator control system. Plc controlled low cost automatic packing machine 807 programmable logic controller plc a programmable logic controller, plc or programmable controller is a digital computer used for. Ladder logic project for a 4 levels, double speed and automatic doors elevator simulated with s7 plc. Using speech recognition create smart elevator controlling. They can be networked to perform such functions as. The design gives the basic structure, control principle and realization method. This paper presents the control of elevator system using siemens logo plc. Plc is the replacement to relay logic controller, one can make the better use of.

Theses witches are controlled by the plc controller. It can be observed several local control system lcs, one per. We have been supplying controllers to independent elevator companies and global. This is an plc controlled elevator system that was completely built by dunwoody college of technology electronics students. Programmable logic controllers, basic level textbook. Hence, a controlled elevator system is enacted using the program and the programmable logic controller. I am currently a student at the college of the north atlantic and am currently working on our tech thesis which is a plc controlled elevator. They are called ladder diagrams because they resemble a. We use the three floor elevator model to shows the plc controlling on.

This paper introduced the design and realization of the elevator experimental equipment based on configuration software and plc. A programmable logic controller plc or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer which has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines. Block diagram of elevator control system by using plc the design can be divided into several sections such as sensor section, power section, processing section, figure 1. A wide variety of elevator control plc options are. Elevator is an inseparable part of a building structure.

A plc can communicate with other controllers or computer equipment. Implementation of a fourfloor programmable logic controlled elevator system. Elevator control system using 8085 microprocessor general block diagram the operations required can be divided into two parts inside the elevator and outside the elevator. Using configuration software in conjunction with the manipulators. Machines that process thousands of items per second and objects that spend only a fraction of. The spoken words to take the necessary actions accordingly speech. Electromagnetic actuator and contact action were so slow, mechanical and electromagnetic. Elevator control system is the system responsible for coordinating all aspects of elevator service such as travel, speed, and accelerating, decelerating, door opening speed and delay, leveling and hall lantern. Hence an elevator becomes an essential medium of perpendicular.

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